Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sony DVP-NC85H refuses to eject tray, claims LOCKED

If your DVP-NC85H develops the tendency to display LOCKED even though you've cleared the parental control the best you could (even though you possibly never had it actually set in the first place) then welcome to the club!

Instead of paying Sony service $150 for a new device as they ask you to do I will strongly suggest you invest a few bucks and get the service manual, which will teach you a few good tricks, like seeing how many hours you have killed watching DVDs or listening to CDs.

The one of particular interest under the circumstances, of course, will be initializing to factory defaults.



Anonymous said...

This worked great. It saved me money and time. I did it between comercials of a football game.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. My Sony DVD player locked and this solution worked!

Anonymous said...

You rock dude! Worked like a charm. The only difference for me was that I had to press title + clear + power to get into the service menu.

JTG said...

What is the remote button sequence to get to the service menu?